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Excitement About Asbestos & Cement Pipe Safety - Maine Rural Water Association

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"We will hold responsible individuals and companies who break the laws intended to safeguard the public from this harmful material." The AG's claim, filed in Suffolk Superior Court Monday, alleges that GTA Co., Inc. and its president, Gregory T. Antonelli, violated the state's Clean Air Act when they removed and demolished asbestos-containing community pipes without complying with needed asbestos work practices as part of the water pipe replacement projects the City of Everett and the Town of Braintree employed them to complete.

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The suit even more alleges that GTA and Antonelli breached the state's False Claims Act by making misstatements to the Town of Braintree about its compliance with contract requirements to comply with environmental laws and asbestos work practices. Additional Info was referred to the AG's Workplace by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management (Mass, DEP).

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"When asbestos is improperly handled, fibers can be released into the air, possibly leading to health effects to workers and the basic public. Mass, DEP strictly regulates the handling, elimination, and disposal of asbestos, and provides technical help to parties engaged in asbestos reduction, in order to secure the general public health.

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and EZ Disposal & Recycling, LLC, which were employed to carry asbestos debris from the Everett worksite, stopped working to include and save the asbestos-contaminated waste securely while carrying it to an EZ Disposal center in Revere, and that they and the owners of the EZ Disposal facility, Ricmer Properties, Inc., and 413-419 Bremen Street, LLC, unsafely and illegally saved it at that center in violation of the state's Clean Air Act.

What Does Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Evaluation with CT, MR Mean?

If asbestos is incorrectly managed or maintained, fibers can be released into the air and breathed in, possibly resulting in lethal illnesses, consisting of asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Asbestosis is a serious, progressive, and long-term illness for which there is no known effective treatment. Mesothelioma is an uncommon type of cancer that is found in the thin membranes of the lung, chest, abdominal area, and heart, that might disappoint up until numerous years after exposure, which has no known remedy, although treatment techniques are offered to address the results of the illness.

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