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Unknown Facts About Asbestos Analysis in Ann Arbor - PEL Laboratories

The Single Strategy To Use For Ann Arbor Asbestos & Mesothelioma Lawyers

The production of steel involves top-level heat to melt, mold, and mood steel. Workers utilized naturally heat-resistant fiber in their protective, heat-resistant equipment. Asbestos was also used in some machinery used to produce steel. Power Plants Power producing facilities like Detroit Edison, Northern Michigan Electric Cooperative, and Central Michigan Light and Power Company are understood for their asbestos direct exposure to staff members.

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In addition, nuclear Plants like Cook Nuclear, Big Rock Point, and Bridgeman Nuclear Plant have all operated with asbestos in parts of their operation. Have you worked somewhere with high asbestos danger? Call us for a to assess your opportunities for direct exposure. Shipyards in Michigan Michigan is bordered by 4 Fantastic Lakes: Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario.

All at once, asbestos was built into vessels as insulation and fire-proofing. Numerous workers built the contaminant into ships without much defense to their mouths, noses, or lungs. Defoe Shipyard Defoe Boat and Motor Functions company was founded in 1905 under the name Defoe Shipbuilding Business. The Bay City company produced wooden fishing boats, U.S.

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After World War II, the business continued to develop ships for the Navy but likewise built industrial bulk freighters which operated on the Fantastic Lakes. Asbestos was used in the manufacturing procedure as insulation on ships, exposing numerous workers. The shipyard closed in the 1970s after an agreement with the Navy ended.

The shipyard produced large boats, yank boats, and submarine chasers during World War II. After Click Here For Additional Info , Jesiek Brothers Shipyard ended up being one of the largest shipyards on Lake Michigan, developing leisure boats, ferryboats, yachts, and other ships. The company eventually sold and became called Eldean Shipyard. Throughout its long history, unsafe amounts of asbestos were developed into many of the ships.

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Michigan cities with considerable exposure-related issues in the past consist of: Ann Arbor Dearborn Detroit Flint Grand Rapids Jackson Kalamazoo Lansing Pontiac Saginaw Trenton Warren Wyandotte General Motors General Motors (GM) is headquartered in Detroit and is responsible for designin

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